Wednesday, 5 December 2007


I've fiddled with a couple of forms for you today. Arriving at an event, it is my experience that half of the time a proper protest hearing schedule-form is something the organisers haven't thought of. And why should they? The PC is suppose to be independent and should keep their own records... So to print, here are a Protesthearingschedule.xls (ENG) and a Protestbehandelingsschema.xls (NED)
In Excel you can store several worksheets in one file. You can switch sheets by the tabs at the bottom. In this file I’ve made an English and a Dutch version of the same schedule. Both files are actually the same, only start up in a different worksheets.
This basic form you can change it to your liking. If you do it before you travel, you can add the name of the event and stuff like that. Or use your laptop. It is however likely that at the event the possibility to print is limited, so bring a couple of forms with you, to publish on the notice board. After end of protest time I usually fill in this form and before publishing I make a copy for the panel to record the decisions. Afterwards you publish that, after copying one for the scorers. Don’t forget to record the time of publishing! Their might be requests for redress or re-opening….


  1. Hey, can I convince you to format your blog in dark on white, as opposed to white on black, which makes it *very* hard to read.

    You know, there's a reason that NONE of the Internet's top-100 websites use white (or light) on black (or dark). What do you know that they don't?


  2. Who are you? Why should I trust your advice?
    My Spider-sense is making overtime


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