Thursday, 13 December 2007

IU & IJ REPORT FORMS made easy

For Judges and Umpires: I've changed the ISAF Report Forms so that you don't have to circle your numbers anymore. Instead you can just tick off the appropriate box. In Word I use the safety button to switch between typing and ticking off boxes.
Stored under forms: IU_Report Form and IJ_Report Form
As ever, suggestions for improvement are welcome.
For All Race Officials: If you want your site or blog linked, please send me mail or post a comment. The first ones are up and running in the side-bar, a little lower.
Thanks for the idea, Ricardo.


  1. Thank you for the weblink.

    You can use instead of the world form. The system is quite good. Have you ever tried it?


  2. I had a quick look. No, I have not used this web-based report before. I thought this was something only for the chairman. Can any judge us it? What about page 1 of the report form?


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