Tuesday, 18 December 2007

'Flog the Blog' Day (1)

Realized this morning it's my first (tiny) anniversary. Started this blog a month ago on November 18th.
I've "cleaned out the closet" by removing the text from my old website and leaving only a directive to this blog. No going back anymore. Also backed-up a months' worth of posts, on my hard drive.
To "celebrate" this momentous occasion (the likes of which the world has never seen) I thought to promote this day of the month (18th) into a "flog the blog"- day.
You, my readers, are urged on this day to tell me what I'm doing wrong, tell me what you want changed, tell me what you think is an interesting subject to discuss, or just tell me to shut up en get on with it. I'll put a reminder in my calender on the 18th each month and repeat this message.
So please, all you Seymours out there, FEED me!


  1. Altough I don't think it's unreadable, I do think you should change the looks of your blog to something none standard. This blog deserves something better than a standard theme!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for allowing us to make suggestions. As we English say, so far it's "not bad" at all.

    Oh "incidentally", and "with the greatest respect", "perhaps you would like to think about" getting rid of that Click Here to Read More link at the bottom of every post. As far as I can see on most posts it has no effect and is just annoying.

    I can see its use in one post where you posed a question and the Click Here to Read More link exposed the answer. But why on every post?

  3. You are absolutely right, I wanted to have the opportunity to post longer post with a click here to read more... button. I didn't realize it would appear on every post. I've asked the blogger who provided the code, how to get rid of it when not in use, but haven't received an answer yet. He would get back to me. If this is impossible, I will get rid of that feature altogether.


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