Tuesday, 11 December 2007


Posted on Desert Sea by Pat a comprehensive list for Race officers on Race Equipment.
This is the one you always were planning to make, but never came around to. You can also pester the treasurer for money for that one essential item you need, because it's now written down and every other club has it.

Update: 12 dec; 00:08 h; Pat has graciously donated his Race Equipments files! I'll be sorting them out and will put them under FILES asap, so you can download a doc or xls - file. Thanks Pat!
Its now well past midnight over here, so I'm off to bed for now.....

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  1. The list is available (in USA English) as either a Microsoft Word or Excel file. It tries to be comprehensive, but be warned that one size does not always fit all race committees. In particular, I wrote the list based on experience on inland lakes and coastal waters.

    Long-distance ocean racing gets more complicated.

    Equipment should be provided and sized based on the size, number, and type of boats, budget of the race committee, and formality and importance of the regatta (i.e., windsurfers will not appreciate five-foot tetrahedron marks!).

    This list should be adequate for club and regional-level handicap and one-design racing.

    My e-mail address is
    r g s c @ n o s p a m . z i a n e t . c o m (remove the spaces and the nospam). Pat


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